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Pharmaceutical formulation remains as much an art today as they have evolved into complex science. With exponential growth of generic formulations, the need for ready pharmaceutical formulation has increased. At Ayurlab herbals Pvt Ltd, we proudly meet or exceed our customers' quality standards by blending the concept of modern science the old age ancient knowledge. This milestone was achieved by Late Shri. Bhishagacharya Vaidya Ramesh Chandra K. Patwardhan by laying the foundation stone of Ayurlab Herbals Pvt Ltd in the year 1980 in the remote area of Timbi Patiya, Pavagadh Road, Halol,Gujarat Sate, INDIA.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is 5000 years old science whose vision is " SWASTASYA SWASTA RAKSHANAM" AND "ATURASYA VIKARA PRASHAMANAM CHA". Ayurveda considers diseases a disequilibrium at the molecular level and restoration of that equilibrium as the objective of medicine. The tridosha( VATA, PITTA, KAPHA) concept is essentially a concept of molecular biology. READ MORE

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Since Inception Ayurlabs Mission Is To Become One Of The Leading Herbal Medicine Manufacturing Company.

Our Mission

“ To maintain the health of the healthy” and “To cure the disease of the unhealthy”

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